We often seem to be striving for the same successes as the next person; the same wealth, and the same material possessions. Often success includes words like being happy, content, relaxed and satisfied. In reality your definition of success will be totally different to that of the 'next person' even though the template may be the same!

So what is your own definition of success (not just success in terms of a few goals)? What is your definition of the ultimate success? What does it look like? What is the picture that you see in your mind? What does it sound like? What can you hear going on in the picture? How does it make you feel? What emotions well up inside of you? What does your ultimate success taste and smell like? Can you reach out and touch it?

Success is about you and it is important to recognise from the start that you need to be prepared to change your current way of life, habits, perceptions and perhaps even your beliefs. You may not yet realise just how powerful your current belief system is.