Speaking & Presenting


Keynote Presentation

From a brief and punchy 15 minute focus talk to a full 60 minute key note presentation with videos, animation and music, Dean can be available for team meetings, exhibitions and events that require an engaging and conversational style. These can be adapted to suit specific topics or audiences.

One Day Programme

These presentations include a business and personal development focus that can stand alone or be part of a wider 2-3 day festival.

They are also ideal for internal SMEs. This could be for strategy, sales and management meetings, team building days for key personnel and implementing business alignment for growing organisations.

Sixty Day Success Plan

Based around Dean's book The Sixty Day Success Blog, this tailored programme takes delegates on a 60 day journey helping, challenging and guiding them to move closer to where they want to be. Whether the purpose is for a specific business goal or goals, personal development feeding into business growth,  or simply a specific group or personal task the workshop will stimulate, motivate, prompt and target significant results within a 60 day time frame.


Multi-day Programme

Larger business often need to invest chunks of time with their team as part of ongoing and future development. Larger organisations often find challenges aligning the goals of the business with those of their key individuals and employee's which is what Dean can help to resolve.

Working over a longer period of time with a series of multi-day programmes develops the principles of the 60 day workshop into a development plan that individuals and businesses can embed and use for months or even years in the future.

A particularly good example of this was work that Dean did with a regional bank in the Middle East who were seeking to recruit and develop a new breed of Relationship Managers for a brand new customer segment. The successful programme involved Branch and Area Managers to buy into the goals of the business as well as the new recruits.